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The company ZeoSys GmbH accomplishes applied research activities in environment, medicine and energy technological areas. The developed methods and their corresponding devices can be used by enterprises such as different small and medium scale industries, hosptials / clinics and material sciences.

Research Focus

The research profile spans a wide range from fundamental experimental and theoretical research works to industrial applications in the areas mentioned above. All the new developed methods are mainly based on adsorption and desorption processes preferably with micro and meso porous solid materials. The so far attained research and developments results are presented in approximately 100 publications and in about 40 patents.

ZeoSys is a business entity connecting science and market. Besides the applied RTD activities, ZeoSys is also manufacturer and distributor of several market mature products. Some of the developed products and technologies are already available on the market. These include adsorption filter and its respective sensoric fill level control unit as well as technical desorption equipment for re-covering of inhalational volatile anaesthetic gases (halogenated ethers).

At present two major RTD areas define the scope of the company’s activities: